Sports Facilities

At perodesign, we love to work in the sports arena, and we don’t mean by shooting hoops ourselves! We would rather leave that to the professionals, and do instead what we do best, which is design the best sports art for the right places.

In a sports facility, the players need to be motivated, the coaches rewarded for their hard work, and a general feeling of excitement can shine through the artwork in these facilities. You do not need a Monet hanging on the wall. Rather, you should have evidence of your team in action, memories of those who’ve gone before, amazing moments captured on film for your organization and more. Let us do the planning and placing, and your sports facility will come alive with things tying together the old and new. One of our favorite projects over many years is our work with the Portland Trailblazers. We can take our experience working with the big-time NBA teams and translate that to fantastic sports art for home, office or your team.

Here are some examples of our sports projects:

  • Game shots
  • Framed shots of what you do best
  • Awards for players and fans

Some places you may use perodesign:

  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Practice facilities

Arakawa Cable Systems

We use cable hanging systems and other very durable professional hanging methods so you do not have to worry about excited players disrupting the hanging pictures and art on the wall.

We work closely with your marketing department to find artwork and find ways to showcase your team. We will brainstorm ideas on how to make your facility great.