Soothing Artwork for Dentists

Soothing Artwork for Dentists

Here I am again tricking out another dental clinic!  I love thinking of the blissful journey patients will take as their eyes are filled with sweeping photographic landscapes of our great Northwest—soothing artwork.

Dental Care Today provides dental services for both adults and children. They’ve just bought a large property for a new clinic in Hillsboro. They’ve gone with local, self-taught, photographer, Alan Leahy who captures epic scenery around Oregon and Washington.

There are over 50 pieces to be picked and hung in the space of various sizes, including some focal pieces on acrylic at the entry points. Pero Design is choosing lots of blue skin and images with good depth to help patients keep their minds engaged while the dentists make their teeth shine.

For the pediatric wing, fun pictures of exotic animals and their funky teeth should give a good giggle and help spark conversation over proper dental care. Here’s the blank canvas of the art consultant!

Chris Pero