Art Sourcing

We love working with local artists in the area.

Making choices for art is overwhelming. There is so much to choose from, and so many places to look, not to mention size, shape, scale and color. Let the professionals at perodesign help you find the art you need, whether it is affordable, custom-framed print reproductions or one-of-a-kind original pieces, and specializing in local art sourcing.

Art Coordination & Procurement

perodesign can help you select the right artwork for your space. We have many sources which will have the right thing to fit your needs. We go through multiple steps to find the right fit, present it and put together pricing. Once the artwork is approved, no need to worry about purchasing it. We will do that for you and have it delivered to us so we can inspect and put the correct hardware on for installation.

We have also coordinated the installation of artwork which has been purchased, but no one can decide where it should go. We are experienced at looking at floor plans and doing site visits to recommend where art should be.

Bob Eddings painterly photo

You get to be very involved with the process from selecting the artist to commissioning the piece to being there for the installation. We work with the following sources to help you grow your art collection:

  • Limited Editions
  • Studio visits from local artists
  • Meet the artist in-person
  • Artists can come on-site to get to know the space
  • Always meeting artists right here in town

Framing & Finish Design

Every piece and job is unique. We have an extensive custom framing and design department for commercial and residential applications. Our selection of framing materials is vast. Designing with a timeless sense, we present you with ideas to last and fit within your budget. Our department is considered to be one of the best in the Northwest.

Crater Lake Alan Zee

Art Cataloging

What’s in that warehouse that keeps getting “stuff” put in it? Do you have a collection of art that you need to tally for repurposing, relocating or insurance purposes? We can take photos, measure and record for you to have on file. Many times there are neat pieces which are forgotten about. We can refresh with new glass, mats, frames, or maybe put up as is!


Our installers handle all sorts of installations. Generally, in public spaces, we use security installation techniques. This ensures that art won’t shift around as people walk down the hallway. From simple collage walls, security hanging, art on concrete walls to cable systems, we can make sure to make the display right for you. No matter what your space calls for, we can help you with installation.

Installing Art
Art Installation