Portland Photographer Kirk Jonasson shows at Chessman Gallery

Portland Photographer Kirk Jonasson shows at Chessman Gallery

Portland photographer, Kirk Jonasson, one of Pero Design’s favorite artists to hang and commission is as local as they come.

Born in Portland and educated in Oregon, Kirk is a self-taught photographer who still likes to do things the old fashioned way. He uses real film, a medium formate SLR and prints his own pictures in a dark room – making his images authentic representations of the exact moment he captured with no “photoshopping.” Kirk’s abstract images capture the extraordinary in the every day.

According to Kirk,

“For me, effective use of the camera as an art instrument extends beyond skilled documentation. Ready made beauty in a grand landscape is of less interest to me than the excitement to be found in compelling images of commonly overlooked or even outwardly mundane, subject matter.”

Kirk avoids post-production manipulation of color and composition and prints the full frame images he has captured. He believes that to alter the original image in the darkroom or via computer would devalue his intuitive process – his way of finding “magic” while in the field. We couldn’t agree more!

Want to see more of Kirk’s work in person? He’s having a show called Inner Landscapes from September 11 – October 5 at the Chessman Gallery, a nonprofit art space inside Lincoln City’s Cultural Center.

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Chris Pero