Various types of personalized projects, all with a local Portland flair and a unique, in-depth look at your business to bring a personal touch to the project.

Some of the Projects We Do

We like to show off what you do and we make your art very personalized. So, instead of picking some pieces out of a catalog or from the web, we work with you to learn the history of your company, about your desired customer, who you are trying to reach, and what kind of people you are. Then we design a project that works just for you.

We work in hospitals, doctor’s offices and more to create nurturing, healing spaces for patients.

From large lobbies to creating inviting spaces for prospective tenants, we like to make your commercial spaces stand out.

We work with local commissioned pieces, historic photo restoration, installations and more to provide you with great art for your home.

Our sports art sourcing allows your team to shine to your family and visitors, as well as motivating players and coaches alike.

Art Sourcing and Research

Finding the best art is much more than looking through a catalog or picking pieces online. There is size, scale, feel, texture, shape and so much more which goes into sourcing the right art.

Examples of Some of Our Recent Works

Oregon Recycling Bottle Co-op

This was an exciting Project where we were really able to take the business and what they do and translate it into some amazing works of art. At the Oregon Recycling Bottle Co-op, they take all of these great glass and plastic bottles and recycle them. The process is so unique and visually impressive, that I thought they needed to show what they do to those who enter their building. We had professional photos taken of their recycling process, and the series is shared throughout their building. This type of art increases morale, makes people proud and tells the company’s story all through some innovative thinking on our part.

Software Design Company

The interior designer came to me with a wonderful idea to take some large photos this company already loved and stretch them on canvas. After meeting with the company and analyzing their process and them as people, I determined that acrylic would be a cleaner, sharper material for the project. They love them and they love the special touch which comes from working with perodesign. ~ Chris