Perodesign features local NW art for first hanging at new studio space

Perodesign features local NW art for first hanging at new studio space

So there I was, minding my own business, when I ran into my old friend and local NW artist, Molly Cliff Hilts.
Molly and I go way back — she is one of the first artists I hung when I was starting out as an art consultant and framer. I hung her Giclée prints in 2007 for Care Oregon. Her work is full of life and color. It’s a great fit for large spaces like commercial lobbies, open restaurants (you can check out Molly’s work at Manzana Grill in Lake Oswego) as well as the Teardrop lounge in NW Portland and other places where viewers can approach the work from a distance.

It seemed fortuitous that I would run into Molly — her work would make the perfect fit to inaugurate the new studio gallery space I have just taken with Red Flower Productions down in the vibrant NE industrial area just off of Interstate Avenue. The neighborhood is flourishing with new creative spaces and retail and restaurants like Beam & Anchor and Broder Nord.

Molly wanted a chance to hang some of her older works that haven’t been seen in awhile. We are going to show some of the Encaustics that feature fruit and foliage — perfect pieces for a restaurant or larger private kitchen/dining room.

Molly’s encaustics really draw you in. They catch the eye and then inspire the viewer to look more closely in a process of discovery. The work appears surreal at first, and it challenges you to linger upon it as your eye-mind connection makes sense of the image. They can give you a really satisfying “a-ha” moment.

The pieces range from $4800k – $6600k and in size from 50″×30″ to 60″×60″. I invite you to join us April 23 from 5-7pm for a wine and cheese reception celebrating our new studio and to see the works in person. You may also call (503) 349-0587 to set up an appointment.

Join us!

Opening celebration of Perodesign and Red Flower Productions new studio gallery
April 23rd, 5pm – 7pm
Location 820 N River Street, Portland, Oregon 97227

Chris Pero