Mixed Use


perodesign works closely with all of our clients to ensure that your dreams become reality. We help you make great choices, take risks, lend our expertise, expose you to new styles you are sure to love, and also assist the experienced art collector with placement and procurement.

Many of our clients have experience in the art world and come to us with a variety of pieces they have found via family, friends, galleries and antique stores. We can help freshen up these vintage pieces with new framing to fit your home, and we can assist in placement and installation in your home.

No Experience, No Problem

For the art connoisseur with little to no experience in art procurement and placement, our approachability makes you comfortable with this process, and you will find your home filled with art that you absolutely love!

Here is an example of a client we had that found several great pieces of art through antiquing, friends and family. We freshened up her pieces with new framing so they would fit in her home.

Here are some of the residential projects we love to take on:

  • Building art collections
  • Framing
  • Reframing
  • Historical photo preservation and printing
  • Custom printings
  • Collage walls
  • Family history exhibitions
  • Artwork restoration

At perodesign, we use a wide range of materials from naturally sourced woods like bamboo and pine, to more modern styles such as canvas and acrylic.

Local Artists

Locally sourced artists are our specialty, and you can see our Art Sourcing page for more on the local artists we love to work with. We are always interested in learning about new or up-and-coming artists, and we welcome your suggestions and inquiries.

If you are interested in a commissioned piece, we can have that arranged with an artist of your choosing on-site in their studio, or even in your home.

Proper Installation

A big part of installing art in the home is installing it properly. You do not want your prized art collection getting bumped around by guests or kids. At perodesign, we provide a proper, professional installation.

We are available for a variety of projects, both large and small. Give us a call today to see where we can help you with your art discovery process. We are there for you from the initial consultation to the gallery accompaniment to the final installation in your home.