At perodesign, we love working in the healthcare setting. We have worked on large projects from outfitting entire hospitals with artwork on a budget, to custom designs for dental offices and training facilities and more.

Art in a healthcare setting is important for a number of reasons. Creating a more nurturing, comforting and healing environment can make patients have a better experience while in your office or facility, and in many cases can improve treatment outcomes. In addition, a nurturing setting can alleviate fears people have about going to the doctor or dentist, make children more comfortable, and give your office a good name.

Making the space in your office stand out from the others, all while making things comfortable for your patients and staff, can be a challenge. When it comes to finding art and deciding what piece should go where in each and every room, office and hallway, you may feel overwhelming. Even the art connoisseur may have trouble finding the perfect art for an entire office. Let us do the heavy lifting and we will make your office warm, inviting, comfortable and it will have great art throughout.

Here are some of the places you may find us:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dental offices
  • Waiting rooms
  • Elevator lobbies
  • Patient rooms
  • Training facilities
  • Hallways
  • Retirement Centers

Here are some of the healthcare projects we have worked on at perodesign:

  • Providence CafĂ©
  • Providence Sleep Lab
  • Gentech
  • Dr. Warmflash
  • NW Oral Surgery
  • Dental Care Today
  • Dr. Hickens
  • Providence Nursing Education Centers
  • Dallas Retirement