Fresh encaustics from Annie Darling

Fresh encaustics from Annie Darling

What more can I say about how much I love encaustic paintings for commercial and large spaces? Obviously, they are kind of a thing for me (see: Perodesign features local NW art for first hanging at new studio space ).

Encaustics spark my curiosity and draw me in – I wonder, “what is this?” Some have little treasures embedded in the wax. Encaustic painting is an ancient Greek technique that was derived from the waxing process used to caulk ships. When color was applied to the wax the ships could be decorated. The slow build up of colored wax on easel paintings created a rich, deep pigment and an optical effect that was more lifelike then the tempura painting also being done at that time. Plus, its greater durability made it even more appealing. Our modern ability to keep the beeswax and resin used in the medium heated throughout the creative process has brought this ancient style back into the modern art sphere. Encaustics work great in a space where people have the time to really look and explore a work of art – a place where the mind can wander.

I’ve personally enjoyed encaustics in doctor’s offices and massage rooms. They are great for waiting rooms of any kind. I’ve recently met encaustic painter, Annie Darling while I was sourcing work for a large client. I know, I know! I usually push the Pacific Northwest artist angle, but I just can’t help myself from sharing her work. (She’s from Portland, ME, so that’s close enough, right? Plus, she’s a Duck.) A self-proclaimed “encaustic rebel,”

Annie started working with the wax without any formal training. Her works blend encaustic with oil, graphite, gold leaf and acrylic paint. She is heavily influenced by the natural world. I think Annie’s work really captures the viewer and inspires a creative through process. Find out more about Annie at

Contact Pero Design for information about large-scale purchasing or commissions with Annie. Pero design will be the local liaison, visiting your space for sizing, quantity and color consults or for discussing how you can commission Annie to create something just for your space.

Chris Pero