Felted Fun for World of Smiles in NoPo

Felted Fun for World of Smiles in NoPo

Pero Design had another chance to work with the visionary commercial interior designer,Kirsta Pettis of Sisu Design Group for this new NoPo location of World of Smiles Pediatric Dentist.

World of Smiles wanted a space geared toward their primary patients: kids. But, they wanted it to be interesting enough and stylish enough for the accompanying adults, too. Krista is not afraid to use color in her designs and came up with this sort-of “subway” line design concept that helps navigate the open structure of work space in the clinic. Suspended panels were to further privatize some areas of the open space.

We were challenged with finding a combo of color and art to coordinate with the fun floor pattern. Suspending acrylic panels can be problematic. If you add art or other elements and want them to be an effective size, they get very heavy, very quickly. Our solution was to make the panels smaller and surround them with a lighter product.

Enter acoustical felt. I’ve been wanting a chance to use the densely colorful Filz Felt on a project and World of Smiles was perfect. The felt increases the panel size and lightens the load as well as provides excellent sound absorption for the busy clinic, while still maintaining an open feeling. The strong colors also act as a de facto frame for the artwork. The art is mounted behind the clear acrylic in this case. This combo of felt and acrylic panels would work great for any open office or clinic space. Artwork can be mounted under the acrylic or the acrylic itself can be printed with pattern and texture.

Congratulations to World of Smiles on North Albina! World of Smiles opens to patients on Monday, August 10.

Chris Pero