At perodesign, we are fortunate to be able to work with so many wonderful companies in the Pacific Northwest. Located in Portland, Oregon, we are available for your commercial art sourcing needs.

Commercial Real Estate

Many of our clients are involved in commercial real estate, from renting out mixed-use buildings to tenants or decorating lobbies with permanent décor, we help with it all. We work with you from concept to design and implementation, and we are also able to provide you with a bulletproof installation of your new artwork. If your company owns multiple buildings and you would like art transferred from one to the other, we can help with this, too.

Updating lobbies

Is your lobby outdated? Do you feel it is affecting your ability to rent space in your building? Or, do you have a new construction project coming up and you want the right art for your space from the beginning? No matter what your situation, we update and design art pieces for lobbies that will entice your prospective tenants and keep your buildings full.

Elevator lobbies

Elevator lobbies, or the area of your building around the area, are an often-neglected part of the décor. Your tenants and prospective tenants, as well as their clients, may spend a lot of time in these spaces, and it is important that these areas reflect your style and give your tenants something to show off as they have their own clients visiting them.

Creating enticing spaces for prospective tenants

When you have a new commercial building, or you are trying to revamp an existing building, it is important that you have some key spaces in the lobby and other warm, inviting areas to make your prospective tenants have somewhere they feel comfortable. The bare-bones approach to a building does not work—think of a model home. It is filled with spaces the new homeowner can imagine themselves in, and your new building can be the same way.

Moving art from one of your locations to another

We help you get a “Portland feel” within your space. And, if you work with us, you can use and reuse the same pieces again and again. Tenants have the option to buy pieces or we help move them to your next space.


Types of spaces we work in:

  • New mixed-use buildings
  • Lobbies
  • Community rooms
  • Developments
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Office buildings
  • Condos

Contact us for help in art sourcing for your commercial project today!